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信息技术进步 -信息技术(IT)推荐一个买球app几乎总是有更多的需求,而不是他们有能力交付这些需求. 实现IT改进(i.e., the IT capability performing even better), TSI可以提供一个外部, experienced perspective to improve IT performance based on years of experience.

Often we are asked to assess the processes, 推荐一个买球app元素, and technology then make and implement recommendations for improvement. 推荐一个买足球彩票的的信息技术咨询服务已经帮助那些拥有信息技术部门的推荐一个买球app从10个到5个,000. 推荐一个买足球彩票的的专家顾问拥有高等教育背景和在信息技术服务方面的丰富经验,在专注于提高服务质量的同时,帮助提供符合院校价值的战略结果, transparency and quality while striving to reduce costs.

转型解决方案致力于帮助学院和大学的信息技术推荐一个买球app以一种可扩展的方式进行转型, 透明的, and built upon an IT strategy to meet the needs of the whole institution. TSI’s expert consultants can assist with strategic planning efforts, IT治理服务, 信息技术评估, 基准测试, 推荐一个买球app结构评价, and maturity model development to help foster a culture of engagement and 创新.

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TSI has worked with IT organizations at diverse institutions, 包括大型研究机构, community colleges and liberal arts institutions. We have helped IT organizations solve some of the toughest and most complex challenges, like replacing legacy systems seamlessly, and handling operational inefficiencies. 推荐一个买足球彩票的的专家顾问准备在以下领域帮助您的IT推荐一个买球app转型: 

IT策略 由于虚拟学习和新技术的出现,高等教育IT推荐一个买球app受到的关注和关注度最近发生了变化. A strong information technology strategy will incorporate the 任务, 愿景, 目标, and initiatives of the IT organization and the larger institution. The key to a strong IT strategy is continuous improvement and sustainability. 转换解决方案将帮助您的IT推荐一个买球app通过使用与您机构的总体战略计划相一致的新的IT模型和趋势,形成植根于持续改进的战略. 

商业智能 TSI对评估和改进数据和商业智能实践的方法有非常深刻的理解. 推荐一个买足球彩票的的高等教育顾问将帮助开发一个统一的数据仓库和商业智能(BI)工具,从而在您的机构中创建一个一致的安全模型.

Project and Program (or 转换) Management Offices TSI has helped many organizations to create or enhance their internal project, program and transformation management office function.

推荐一个买足球彩票的有自己的工具, 模板, techniques and training to add to or augment those you are already using. 推荐一个买足球彩票的有一种务实的方法来帮助推荐一个买足球彩票的取得对贵公司最重要的收益.

技术评估 与资讯科技人员合作, TSI可以就数据架构提出建议,以显示当前状态之间的差距,并为未来的状态架构绘制远景. 推荐一个买足球彩票的的顾问将开发一份技术清单,以评估现有的工具和应用. 然后,推荐一个买足球彩票的将建议补救措施和最佳实践,以帮助您的业务向前发展.

系统评估与选择 TSI performs dozens of vendor evaluations and 技术评估 每年. 作为一个供应商不可知的咨询公司, 推荐一个买足球彩票的帮助推荐一个买足球彩票的的推荐一个买球app公正地选择软件供应商,用满足他们业务需求的系统取代他们的遗留系统. 从开发一个业务案例, to gathering functional and technical requirements, to vendor demonstrations and selection, TSI will facilitate each step of the process. 



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TSI worked with us to complete a strategic technology assessment, 其中包括协调和阐明推荐一个买足球彩票的对新技术的愿景和战略的困难任务. 这个项目取得了巨大的成功:他们确保每个人都参与了这个过程, 所有的声音都被听到了, 按时交付成果并分发给所有参与者以获得周到的反馈. 按日计算, TSI was enthusiastic and dedicated to our work, always demonstrating that our success is their success. They have acted as key advisors to me and as coaches for the entire project team. We so enjoyed working with the TSI team and hope to continue to do so in the future.

Senior Director, Analytics and 商业智能 • The University of Chicago

将解决方案公司. 在为推荐一个买足球彩票的复杂的改进项目创建战略和实际的方法方面被证明是非常熟练的. They gathered data efficiently and effectively, creating buy-in amongst our faculty and staff as they did so. 丹和艾伦花了相当多的时间在推荐一个买足球彩票的的校园里直接与推荐一个买足球彩票的的员工和教师团队合作. 最终, TSI presented us with a detailed process map of our communications, identified key areas for productive improvement, and worked with us to tailor their final recommendations to our specific needs. The team of TSI does the job and does it well.


TSI staffs their project teams with high quality, 知识渊博的, 熟练的, 和专用的个人, assuring you that your initiative will be a success!


TSI joined the UF team at an important inflection point. 推荐一个买足球彩票的还在问自己,推荐一个买足球彩票的的筹款计划的“下一步”是什么,需要什么样的技术生态系统来实现它. Dan和他的团队带领推荐一个买足球彩票的进行了广泛的计划和准备过程,为成功实施推荐一个买足球彩票的的新CRM和相关平台奠定了基础. In the planning and preparation phase, we worked with Dan to develop 愿景ing statements, 创建一个路线图, 和安全的资金.

Assistant Vice President • University of Florida Advancement

我真的很喜欢和TSI一起工作, 特别是, I loved the way you ran the brainstorming sessions early on, which can sometimes be extremely disorganized if not done right. 我尊重和钦佩你的能力和直觉,促进讨论和梳理有用的信息. 我相信你的成功是天赋、勤奋和准备的结果. 如果我能对你所做的事情有价值的话,我愿意与你保持联系,并充当你的资源.

信息技术服务 Leader
信息技术服务 Leader

常见问题关于 信息技术服务

What does an information technology consultant do?

An information technology consultant will help your CIO, 首席技术官, 或者以一种可伸缩和集成的方式进行IT推荐一个买球app转换,以满足您的业务需求. 推荐一个买足球彩票的确保安全, data, 降低成本, 创新, and culture are at the forefront of IT transformation.

Information technology 服务 consulting fees?


Can you provide information technology Consulting 服务 remotely?

Yes, TSI’s methodologies are flexible enough to facilitate remotely. 推荐一个买足球彩票的的顾问有经验促进与利益相关者的虚拟会议,并在远程环境中审查数据和技术.

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