Technology Assessment and Strategy

Is your technology (including People, Processes and your applications and infrastructure) positioning you for success?

What are Technology Assessments?

TSI’s technology assessment and strategy consulting services will help identify gaps and pain points in your existing technology infrastructure. We know when to implement necessary processes and organizational structure to optimize your IT services, quality, efficiency, and results. Our consultants will partner with your organization to determine the current state of your technology enterprise and strategically align your technology with your business objectives.

Our Technology Assessment and Strategy methodology aims to approach and answer the following questions:

Technology assessment comparison with graphs.

Why work with us?

For each unique technology assessment project, our first objective is to understand your organization’s business strategy and short and long-term goals. TSI aims to work with leadership teams and stakeholders to address unique IT challenges related to cost, strategy, and organizational alignment. Our team also gathers pain points and opportunities for improvement for your existing technology environment (looking holistically) so that we can add value for your future state.

TSI has no relationships with software vendors – this is very unique in this industry. We are technology experts that pride ourselves on vendor objectivity that prevents bias in the work we do with our clients.

As a result of projects like this, our clients benefit in many ways. These benefits range from having a more value-focused IT group to one that is more streamlined (having reduced the number of disparate systems that are not aligned with the strategic imperatives).

What we do?

Transforming Solutions’ Technology Assessment consulting services encompass the following components:

Application and Technology Inventory Our team often gets started by taking a detailed inventory of the technology an organization has. We then categorize it and identify the costs to keep it operational. Then we highlight duplicate applications or systems. We will also help determine cost savings opportunities or ways to optimize existing systems to meet your current business needs. With respect to analyzing the applications and other infrastructure components, TSI will review these applications from an architecture perspective, as well as a user/functionality perspective. 

IT Competencies We help determine technical competencies and staffing levels necessary to accomplish goals and provide resourcing recommendations accordingly. We will answer the questions: what are the responsibilities of the IT department, and who defines its success? 

Data Hygiene and Architecture TSI consultants will provide recommendations on data hygiene efforts and tools that can support these efforts. We can also provide insights into the best data models, policies, rules, standards and governance (this is a great resource from the Harvard Business Review for more information on governance) to optimize your data and ensure that clean data is entered into your existing systems. How your data is stored, integrated, and arranged within your data warehouse or other systems is crucial to your daily work. 

Software Evaluation and Selection If the situation warrants, where there is a solid business case to evaluate and select an improved software package – TSI performs dozens of projects like this every year – please click here.

Independent Verification and Validation For Independent Verification and Validation efforts, Transforming Solutions acts as an independent third party organization. We were not involved in the development of the product or implementation of the package and provide an alternative perspective to evaluating success. This evaluation is based on a structured analysis framework that allows us to score the project and identify areas of strength as well as those where risk is present.

Tools we use

  • Application inventory
  • Application architecture
  • Communication Plan
  • Implementation Plan template
  • Data architecture
  • Information flow diagrams
  • Application versus Capabilities heat map
  • IV&V – Independent Verification and Validation

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