Organizational Assessments

Reviewing what work is done, how is it done and WHO does is critical to ensure the team is operating to achieve peak performance.

Why Are Organizational Assessments Important For Business?

Transforming Solutions’ Organizational Assessment consulting helps organizations whose key functions have become fragmented and not working smoothly across various silos.

Man going through an organizational assessment.

Why Work With Us?

Transforming Solutions has many years of experience helping organizations whose key functions have become fragmented. This is a common occurrence over time due to expansion, acquisition, decentralization, and a return to centralization. The detrimental end result is a set of functions that become less efficient.

Departments across the organization including IT, HR, 金融, 法律, Real Estate, Marketing, Administration, and Customer Service all become more siloed as a result of the above events. TSI focuses on these impacted areas to manage costs, create flexibility, and support the business needs. 点击 在这里 for more information on who we are.

What We Do

Central to our Organizational Assessment consulting is needing to address key questions that will align the organization and its components. Key questions include:

Shared Services' Defining Questions Infographic

Governance is a key component when an organization is seeking to improve its performance and an important consideration when thinking about implementing Shared Services. Across our organization and specifically in organizational assessments, we define governance as the determination and application of decision rights and accountabilities across various constituencies in order to achieve improvements in cost, 质量, service and speed. This concept is on nearly every forward-thinking executive’s radar screen. For more information on governance from the Harvard Business Review, click 在这里.

Tools We Use

Transforming Solutions takes a facilitated approach that involves many of the key thought leaders and players. We focus on the discussion and analysis of: