Portfolio Review & Optimization

Project, Program and Portfolio (3P) Review is an essential function for any organization to ensure IT investments are properly aligned.

What is a Portfolio Review?

Project, Program and Portfolio (3P) Review is an essential function for any organization, primarily since it is necessary to ensure the IT spend is aligned with the mission and priorities of the organization. Having an independent consultant, who has “no dog in the fight” can help to ensure the balance of project will make the most of your IT investment.

Why Work With Us?

TSI continually strives to change the perception of an IT organization from a “cost center” to a “value center”.  We believe that an ongoing or periodic portfolio review & optimization of an organization is a critical first step, especially in organizations with high IT and Operational spend and an abundance of projects.

Effective Program/Project Portfolio Management not only gives an organization a snapshot of their current project and program health, but it provides foundational knowledge in the decision making process. TSI’s services help organizations to realize the benefits and value that previously may have been deemed impossible due to the complexity of your organization.

At TSI, we strive to get your organization on track to realizing your benefits by implementing relevant tools and best practices as well as addressing the culture change required to bring our recommendations to life.

What We Do

TSI’s services include: 

Tools We Use

Performing a Project, Program and Portfolio (3P) Review involves a number of tools including:

Application Inventory

Project Portfolio Inventory

IT Budget and Project Spend Anaysis

Business Case(s).

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