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A postive and differentiating customer experience is essential to thrive. What do your customers and constituents perceive about their experience at your organization?

Why Is Customer Experience Important For Business?

An outstanding customer experience is absolutely mission-critical. In today’s world of increasing competition and more discerning customers, the experience that a customer goes through is a game-changer. An excellent customer experience, that makes the “unfair advantage” come to life is paramount to a company’s success. 

According to research, 80% of businesses surveyed say they are delivering superior customer service. In contrast, only 8% of corresponding customers surveyed felt they actually received a superior customer experience. Based on this disparity, it is easy to see how elusive achieving solid customer loyalty can be.

Regardless of whether you are in Corporate American, Higher Education or non-profit, every organization stands to improve in designing and delivering customer experience improvements that leads to improved and long-lasting brand loyalty.

Research shows that organizations that excel in the area of customer experience are among those that are growing the fastest, and in many areas, in a more profitable manner. Since customers are smart, the quality of service they receive often is more meaningful than the product they receive. Every organization needs to be in constant pursuit of customer service excellence that enhances customer loyalty and is based on customer service metrics and the related analysis.

Evaluating the customer experience on a mobile app.

Why Work With Our Customer Experience Team?

Transforming Solutions specializes in Customer Experience (CX) and Customer Service Improvement projects. These engagements include examining both the internal and external customer experience (or “journey”) and understanding the “moments that matter.” TSI’s approach is unique since we focus on the personas, processes, technologies, roles, and other environmental dimensions, all of which will be examined in a customer-centric manner. Ultimately, our projects will improve important end results that span customer satisfaction and retention, service quality, and internal efficiency. Ultimately, we want to help you so that your customers become even more loyal to you, based on the experience he/she has with your organization.

Transforming Solutions has completed hundreds of Customer Experience projects. This work has spanned a wide variety of industries to improve performance in business, administrative, operational technology-focused areas. These areas have improved the customer experience, vendor experience, employee experience and efficiency in the following areas:

What We Do

Our Customer Experience leverage our Design Thinking, Re-engineering, Lean, Quality, and Optimization skills. These projects begin by gaining a focused understanding of the Voice of the Customer and clearly defining the key expectations, a vision and strategic direction of the organization. In other words, we work with you to define your organization’s “unfair advantage”.

From there, we progress into a Customer Experience analysis focused on streamlining and simplifying operations. The end result is a set of deliverables that aim to enable growth and create value.

Each engagement utilizes our proprietary tools and techniques, combined with resident insight and best practices, to quickly assess the organization’s business process performance. After the assessment, we create an implementation plan that enables these transformation projects to assist in the reinvention of an enterprise. Details of our approach are illustrated below:

Step 1 Initiate the Project (Clarify Project Objectives and Outcomes)

Step 2 Define Organizational Context

Step 3 Define Current State Processes

Step 4 Analyze Current State & Technology Gap

Step 5 Define Future State Improved Processes

Step 6 Create a Recommended Action Plan and Implement Recommendations

Our expertise, built upon our unique approach, tools, and techniques, creates a customized solution that allows strategic initiatives to be incorporated into the fabric of an organization.

Tools We Use

Customer experience goes beyond just providing good customer service and far beyond when the customer makes a purchase. TSI uses a variety of tools and techniques to understand and improve the total experience to create a long-lasting rational, emotional, sensorial, and possibly spiritual impact on the customer.  

To achieve breakthroughs in customer service and customer loyalty, we will utilize voice of the customer analysis, by understanding the key personas that are germane to the organizations. We will map the current customer experience and analyze the “moments that matter” so we can define an improved customer experience.

This often starts with developing self-awareness after one’s process is documented and analyzed in the following ways:

  • How ETDBW (Easy to do business with), was this process from a customer service and customer experience perspective? 
  • How would your customers rate the experience overall?
  • What impact does this have on customer loyalty?
  • Aside from the efficiency and effectiveness aspect of the transaction, did the transaction have any emotional connection from a customer experience perspective that left the customer with a memory that was more positive, neutral or negative in nature?

Finally, TSI concludes our customer experience improvement projects with specific and detailed recommendations that we typically help to implement. In parallel, we define key performance indicators so we can truly, and objectively measure the customer service experience impact.

Understanding the customer journey is crucial to improve the experience.

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